Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Rape, Molestation Are On Rise Around Us... But Hey! Let's Carry On With the "Whataboutery"!

Every time someone expresses one's concern over how women in our country are ceaselessly facing the evils of rape, molestation and discrimination, they are unabashedly ridiculed by a large host of people who come with the absurd whataboutery to counter legit arguments against misogyny and harassment.

Anyway, certain numbers have come forward through the minister of state for home affairs revealing the horrible truth which the enemies of womankind are bent on denying.

As many as 140 cases of rape and 238 cases of molestation were registered by Delhi Police in January this year alone, of which 43 and 133 cases respectively remain unsolved. 
The number of rape cases registered in 2016 was 2,155, of which 291 were unsolved, while there were 4,165 molestation cases of which 1,132 are unsolved. 
There were 36 rape cases registered against Delhi Police personnel in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Of these, 28 were registered in Delhi and 8 in other states. While two of these cases were cancelled or quashed, in six cases there were aquittals while 28 cases are pending trial or investigation. 
Ninety cases of molestation and 9 cases of eve-teasing were also registered against Delhi Police personnel in these three years. 
The details were tabled in the Rajya Sabha by minister of state for home affairs Hans Raj Ahir during Question Hour. 
According to the details provided by the minister, 51 cases of eve-teasing were registered, of which 25 remain unsolved. 
“The reasons for unsolved cases vary from case to case. However, some of the main reasons include non- identification of the accused person, stay on the arrest of the accused by courts, insufficient evidence or the accused person is absconding and not traceable,” the minister said.
-Report by PTI 


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